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From Jan and Murray

Mother was the second resident in Elijah and Shalonda's first Peace of Mind home in Rose Hill. We were fortunate to find them as we had only one day to locate a home for our mother and move her from a rehabilitation facility. After meeting Shalonda and the staff, we were very comfortable with the knowledge that mother was in good hands. It was several months later that mother had to go the the hospital and Shalonda made sure that there was someone with mother to answer questions and help her feel safe and comfortable. When it was time to return to Peace of Mind, mother was in need of more care than she had been receiving before the hospital stay. So, we agreed to move her to the Wichita home. She was there a few years until her death at age 98 in 2017.
Everyone knew that mother loved her recliner and she would often say "it was calling to her" so it was time to return to her room. Her other loves were chocolate and desserts. We were so pleased that Shalonda and the staff catered to her needs and "wants" and they were very cheerful about it.
It was a difficult decision to decide which home would be the best for mother, especially when living out of state. They made sure we were kept up to date on everything that happened in regard to mother, including doctor visits, medicine changes, any health issues, funny antidotes and pictures.
My brother and I are grateful to Shalonda, Elijah and staff for being there for her. Thank you so much for your concern and care.

From Glynda

My mom was at Peace of Mind in Wichita from March 2017 until November 2017 until she passed. When we told her she would be leaving her previous rehab facility you could tell she was feeling some anxiety. She had gotten to know and like her nurses and didn't really want to start over. After moving her in within 1 week you could tell a difference. She just seemed HAPPY! She loved the home environment and her nurses were wonderful. They spoiled her rotten!! LOL With fewer residents she was able to get plenty of 1 on 1. They kept us informed on everything. We were there everyday and had plenty of of opportunity to notice any problems. There were none. She loved ALL of her caregivers and they loved her in return. They were always doing special little things for her. Many tears were shed when she passed. She had 3 rows of Peace of Mind Staff and Hospice Caregivers at her funeral!! And let me just say they were not only wonderful to my mom but to the whole family as well. We still consider them extended family. I would recommend this facility to anyone. It literally was PEACE OF MIND!

From Carol

Dear Peace of Mind Staff:
I was very favorably impressed by the way you all melded your talents together today and made our trip to the State Fair and enjoyable, relaxing, and fun time. I admit at first I had my doubts about the trip for Jim. I thought it would be too long and tiring for him, especially when I learned that he had no sleep the night before. Royce didn't sleep much either and he had breakfast at 2:30 in the morning. Maybe it was the excitement and anticipation of going to the fair. Anyway they all loved it - every one of them - Vivian, Annetta, Mary, Jimmy, and especially "Rolls Royce", the adventurous one. Mary couldn't quit smiling. Annetta like the various animals we saw - pigs and hogs, chickens, guineas, ducks, geese, an African goose who was huge, baby goats, gigantic cattle, soft-furred llamas, and sleek-coated horses.
Our wheelchair chauffeurs, Shalonda, Elijah, Maggie, Cristen, Dan, and Brandi performed miraculous feats in getting the chairs and their occupants through sand traps, over rubber hoses, around water puddles, and through narrow aisles. Vivian wasn't so sure about her chauffer's maneuvering abilities when she was turned around and was pulled backwards through the sand, but that was the easiest and quickest way to do it.
Elijah was challenged by the staff to ride a camel. the sign said there were risks involved and they were not responsible for accidents. Before getting on, he asked me to pray for him. I did. He got on and rode around once thinking his ride was completed, but the camel driver said he had 2 more turns around the field and he should get his money's worth. So he gallantly rode 2 more laps. He had difficulty walking after getting off the camel. He said where he sat on the camel was hard and uncomfortable.
Dan was a volunteer and our photographer for the trip. He did a very fine job! I don't know what your occupation is Dan, but you might consider helping the elderly You have a talent for it.
Everyone who likes or loves funnel cakes had their fill. Royce got to have a big "State Fair Corn Dog" complete with mustard and he ate every last bit of it. Cristen and Dan shared a smoked Turkey leg. Shalonda took her smoked turkey leg home. She had to leave room for our dinner at Carriage Crossing Restaurant in Yoder.
Last but not least was our scrumptious meal at the restaurant. Everyone could choose what he or she wanted to eat. Some chose shrimp dinners or fried chicken dinners, or chicken fried steak dinners. They brought each group of 4 persons hot, large, homemade rolls with cinnamon butter to spread on them. Vivian ate a whole roll before her fried chicken meal came. Many ate half rolls. Everyone savored and leisurely ate their meal. It was very delectable and we all went home fat and full! Most of us were too full for pie, but not "Rolls Royce". He still had room for a slice of lemon pie. Maybe eating breakfast at 2:30 in the morning leaves more room for more food when you go to the fair. We thank God for giving us a beautiful day with no rain, and a cooler temperature for our enjoyment. We also thank Him for our safe travel.
All in all it was a marvelous trip! Thanks again Peace of Mind staff, especially the ones who stayed home and took care of the residents who couldn't attend the fair! It takes all of you to help make Peace of Mind homes run smoothly and efficiently!

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